Tuesday, July 24, 2012

5 Potential Uses For GPS Tracking Systems

GPS Tracking systems are now a regular feature in today's day-to-day lives. Common devices such as Mobile Phones are now coming with GPS Technology built in - something we would never have considered just 5 years ago! Naturally this means that the advances in technology now means that GPS tracking solutions can be built into tiny devices, making it easier to conceal them when used by people and on vehicles.

Thanks to these wonderful advances in tracking technology can now be used in many environments and applications. Below are 5 of these:

1. Military Tracking Systems. One of the strongest cases for using GPS tracking systems is in the military. As we deploy troops on the ground it is vitally important that we are able to offer them reliable advice on the terrain they are in. Very often these troops are in unfamiliar foreign lands with potential crisis just around the corner. GPS Tracking and Communication systems help keep them in touch with a command base at all times and can quite literally save lives.

2. Maritime Tracking. Consider ships way out at sea, no land in sight. By using tracking solutions port authorities are able to monitor the location of the ship and advise on weather conditions. In the event of piracy the exact location of the ship can be monitored and backup sent (usually via air) within a small matter of time.

3. Aid Workers. We often take aid work for granted, but what we need to remember is that people are offering themselves to go and work in areas of conflict and high risk. It is important that the aid workers feel a degree of safety and GPS tracking systems can offer that by monitoring the locations of the remote workers and enabling a reliable communications link back to a central base and support team.

4. Convoy Tracking. Convoys can often be transporting valuable goods, or even people and in the event of a hi-jack situation it's important that the convoy can be traced to its exact location. Very often GPS tracking systems come with a panic alert device, which can be triggered when the Convoy comes into difficulty. Again, it's all about communication and the location of the convoy in times of need.

5. Remote workers. Whilst maybe similar to aid workers, employee location management is an important demonstration that the employer is taking responsibility towards their workers. Even an office worker who has to travel the globe can utilise a GPS tracking device knowing that there whereabouts is being monitored and that with the quick push of a button an alert can be send back to their office base.

So these are just 5 examples of how GPS Tracking devices can be deployed in the field, but it certainly isn't limited to this list. GPS Tracking can be used in any situation where there is the potential of risk or crisis in a remote environment, on land, in the air or at sea.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Arthur C. Clarke and the GPS Tracking System

When people mention Arthur C. Clarke, there is a good chance the first image his name conjures is the red eye-camera of the HAL 9000 as it methodically murders the astronauts aboard the Discovery. While "2001: A Space Odyssey" certainly made an impression on an entire generation of science fiction and film fans, its author had a deeper impact on everyday life than most fans realize. Arthur C. Clarke made some impressive contributions to the field of science as well as to the field of science fiction.

In essence, Clarke was a futurist, as well as a writer. One of his most famous conjectures involved the proposal of a global satellite communication system. Though the idea of satellite communication is de rigor now, it was considered revolutionary in 1945. Formally presenting his idea to the Franklin Institute, Clarke would go on to win the coveted Stuart Ballantine Gold Medal in 1963.

The satellite communication system he projected has had a profound affect on our day to day lives, especially when it comes to mobile telecommunications and GPS tracking systems. A GPS device is continually relaying and receiving signals from a plethora of satellites orbiting the planet. These signals allow anyone with a GPS device to pinpoint their location anywhere in the world.

Though Clarke's influence on the science fiction community has been enormous, his influence on the scientific community has been less lauded. During a time when the mere idea of a computer was far-fetched, Clarke's satellite proposal was considered ridiculous. His proposal, has he explained it, was based on the five years (from 1941-1946) he spent in service to the Royal Air Force. He claimed the idea of using satellites to gauge distance and position was influenced by the pinging phenomenon unique to radar systems.

Friday, July 20, 2012

4 Ways to beat your competition with GPS Tracking Systems

These days of competition is tough in any business and industry. And, since the economy is weaker now, it is even more difficult to make a profit. This is why you need an edge. This edge should come in the form of a GPS tracking system. Here are four ways to beat your competition with a:

Correct tools. Like any business operation should the right tools for the job, you must also have things from you to help your operations to operate. It is one of the ways that you have a GPS tracking system.

Close the control. Control must be maintained in your assets that are used to move the inventory, or customer service. Be able to track assets for the localization, it is only a start. When it comes to capital investment, the last thing you want to have happen is to have stolen property. But, if you use a GPS tracking system, you can find your assets and return within hours, not day, weeks, months or even years.

Excellent customer service. Customer service must be at the top of your list of priorities. GPS tracking systems are a boon for companies who rely on punctuality. Clients appreciate further efforts to keep them satisfied by not only as requested, but in being able to communicate in advance if things will change.

Effective operations. The performance of your business in an efficient manner helps keep low expenses and profits. Fuel and maintenance costs are a secondary out-growth of the use of a GPS tracking system. By maintaining close monitoring on how the assets are used, concerned small things occurs - for example driving less and vehicles for unauthorized tasks.

This may seem a strange way of referring to a GPS tracking system, but it can be seen as a partner in your business. The benefits that it provides are worth more and less than a employee. You will come to depend on more that you realize.

The only question is "will be when get you a GPS tracking system to use in your company?". Earlier you, soon you will benefit from its many advantages. Then, you will be able to keep a step ahead of your competitors. And it is extremely important in the business environment you operate under. Get one today and you will agree.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What is talking about GPS tracking system

A GPS tracking system is convenient for almost all kinds of situations. Latest cars and mobile phones now come with this system, and a growing number of people see just what can be drawn from them. This device is any device that can establish if a person or object is, everywhere where the location. Tracking devices are generally accurate and have even been exploited by the police and military forces for some time now. Read this article to learn more about it.


GPS stands for Global Positioning System. The system itself has 27 satellites in all, 3 of them being satellites of alternatives fail. The system was formerly operated by the military to plot courses. Today, however, everyone has access to a tracking system.

The satellites of the Tower of the planet twice a day. Each satellite is placed in a given area in space so that a GPS receiver can determine the location of at least 4 satellites. When the GPS receiver has found these four satellites, it can now make calculations and eventually report to a certain location on the globe.


This system is perfect for those who travel a lot. For example, if you like road journeys to a remote location, then a monitoring system would be advantageous. You could find yourself lost while on the road. A monitoring system could effectively help you find exactly where you are located. This could even save your life where you are trapped somewhere where no one is around.

Another advantage is to have the ability to improve surveillance on employees. This has been a great help for several companies in terms of save the most money. For example, when you are able to monitor cars in your organization, you can ensure that these cars are in perfect condition, operated safely and effectively used. Will also reduce insurance premiums. Other companies, it may be useful in determining where the stolen equipment are, as in the case of flight in a construction site.

Last but not least, this system can ensure safety for children. If a child is missing for example, find that it is not an easy task. Time is a concern when someone is missing. A tracking device can you breathe easier, knowing that it can locate your child more quickly than if an emergency occurs.

How to decide

There are several types of monitoring systems. To choose the right method for you, take a look at your budget first. There are tracking systems require you to pay a fee monthly and others who do. Those that require monthly fees are often systems that store data in real time. If you want a more affordable system, there are those that enable simply when a signal is sent, so to search for your vehicle or other difficult things.

Go online to review the details of the product, compare prices and read reviews wardrobe. You can also go directly to an electronics store. You can ask the seller on the best brands and features that you might need. There are many more advantages to having a GPS tracking system. Shop now to find the best for you.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Using a GPS Tracking System to Protect You in These Tough Times!

In today's market and the doom and gloom in the news every day, people are stressed, depressed and unsure of what the future will bring. Life can be very difficult in these tough economic times and can bring out the worst in people. Those who would never commit criminal acts find themselves in a desperate state of affairs and resort to thievery, robbery and other unlawful acts.

So, how can your protect yourself and your family? One way is to use a GPS tracking system to track your belongings and keep your family safe from harm.

For example, you can install a GPS tracking device in your car so it can be quickly and easily located in case of theft. Anti-theft devices are not always effective and if someone really wants to steal your car, they will find a way. Tracking allows you to see exactly where your car is and what time it was stolen. The police will be able to recover your car and catch the criminals before they get away.

You can use a GPS tracking system to protect your valuables such as your jewelry, electronics or even artwork. Sometimes the ones you suspect the least are the culprits; your babysitter, your neighbor, a friend.

By purchasing a GPS tracking system and paying your activation fee and monthly monitoring fee, you will have access to a myriad of information about the items you are tracking, should they ever be stolen. You will see detailed maps and exact addresses of where your items are, where they have been, the times at each destination and, in the case of a tracked vehicle, the speed at which it was going.

Depending on your needs and your budget, you can opt for short or long interval updates. You can choose 5 or 10 second updates or 10 minute updates; the shorter the intervals, the higher monthly fee you will have to pay.

Most GPS tracking systems are simple to install and can be hidden easily. They can be hard-wired or battery operated.

You will have to do your research and purchase a GPS tracking system that fits your needs. There are many different types and styles out there and it can be confusing to know which one to choose. You don't need a fancy or sophisticated system - leave that to the professionals like private investigators and government agencies. Technology has advanced such that there are simple devices you can use that will be effective in protecting you, your family and your valuables.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Spy Matrix Pro Sweep Counter Surveillance GPS Bug Detector Multifunctional Device

Our Spy Matrix Pro Sweep Bug Detector Will Detect AND Locate All Major Eavesdropping Bugs and Taps Including:

GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices

All Types of Concealed Transmitters

Hidden Video Cameras (Spy-Cams)

Computer and FAX Eavesdropping Transmitters

"Series" and "Parallel" Telephone Transmitters

Bumper Beepers & , Body Worn Transmitters

Spy Matrix Pro SweepTechnical Details

  • 10 MHz to 8 GHz Full Range Detection.
  • Phone Line Tap Detection including Internet or IP Phones.
  • Detection of Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices.
  • Laser Eavesdropping Equipment Prevention.
  • Built in White Noise Generator.


Do you know how many different ways predators could be spying on you right now?

38 federal law enforcement agencies revealed that you could be spied on by any of the following methods:

71% - Audio Interception and Wired Microphones
60% - Miniature Audio Transmitters
43% - Electronic Beepers, Tracking Devices, and Sensors
40% - Telephone Wire Taps, Recorders, and Pen Registers
17% - Computer Usage Monitoring
17% - Electronic Mail Monitoring
14% - Cellular Radio Interception
11% - Satellite Interception
83% - Closed Circuit Television/Covert Video
68% - Still Photography
63% - Night Vision Systems

In order to minimize damage caused by tapping and interception devices, we have launched an integrated solution that is equipped with both tapping AND detection.

Spy Matrix PRO SWEEP Bug Detector Lets You Detect AND Prevent
- wireless tapping devices with or without with VOX function
- wireless cameras
- wired cameras
- telephone taps (wired and IP phones)
- tapping device for vehicles
- GPS vehicle position finder
- laser tapping

This is NOT. . . just another "Bug Detector" - Includes Mic Audio White Noise Generator that prevents anyone from "Listening-In" or Recording any Sensitive Conversations you wish to protect from any Eavesdropping!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Suunto X10M Wrist-Top GPS Computer Watch with Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and GPS

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The X10 is the very latest from the Suunto laboratories, and it's the lightest GPS-enabled wrist computer they have ever offered. With the X10, you can track your outdoor adventures in four dimensions, or use Suunto's Trek Manager software to pre-plan your route ahead of time. While you're out in the wilderness, use the barometer and compass to keep you headed in the right direction while you keep an eye on the weather. Record your speed, distance, and altitude along 500 GPS waypoints, then upload them to Google Earth at home to show your friends just how deep into uncharted territory you ventured. Improved GPS reception allows quicker fixes in deeper cover than ever before.

Product Features
  • Housing Material: plastic
  • Strap Material: rubber
  • Altimeter: yes, usable to 29,500ft (9000m)
  • Altimeter Max Height:
  • Heart Rate Monitor: no
  • Barometer: yes, with storm watch
  • Thermometer: yes
  • Digital Compass: yes
  • Declination Type:
  • Adjustable Declination: yes, automatic and manual
  • Chronograph: yes
  • Odometer:
  • Backlight: yes
  • Fitness Test:
  • Training Program:
  • Target Heart Rate Zone:
  • Route Elevation Profile:
  • Computer Compatible: yes
  • Water-Resistant: yes, water resistant to 330ft
  • Alarms: 5
  • Alarm Type: daily, altimeter, weather
  • Date Indicator:
  • Weekday Indicator:
  • Battery Type: rechargeable Li-Ion
  • Battery Life:
  • Low Battery Indicator: yes
  • Face Size: medium
  • Weight: 76 g
  • Recommended Use: outdoor adventure, military, backcountry travel
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years

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